Benefits and Drawbacks of Starting a Business in Orlando FL

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Florida is not just renowned for its sunny beaches and summer parties. In today’s competitive global market, location of a business can be a make or break situation. Starting a business in Orlando, Florida poses many advantages to small businesses. With the business-friendly government and streamlined regulations, Florida has become a haven for businessmen like you to innovate and grow. Here are lists of advantages you can benefit from incorporating in Florida.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Orlando Florida

Business-Friendly Government

Florida has gained fame over the years for its pro-business approach. Whether you want to form an LLC in Florida, or start a small business, the regulations remain favorable for all sizes of companies. The state follows the right-to-work policy, encouraging employment in the region through new business setups.

Competitive Costs

Land, labor, capital and starting up costs of a business are more affordable in Florida than other high tech states like New York, California, Chicago and so on. For targeted industries and specialized locations, the state offers financial incentives. Special incentive programs are also available for businesses that want workforce training, road infrastructure and specialized locations.

Tax Structure

Due to the high financial reserves, Florida is a low-tax state and employees benefit from the no personal tax policy.

Fewer Regulations

When you incorporate in Florida, you will understand that the government places efficient and expedited permits. This helps in getting your work permit quickly with less costs and less paperwork associated. This encourages economic growth in the region without sacrificing the economic standards of the State.


Florida has one of the most skilled labors in the country. Education reforms and right-to-work policies implemented by the government allow you to start a business in Orlando, Florida and recruit your desired labor to help your business run.


Access to capital in Florida is available from private, state, federal and other sources. The state implements capital formation incentives that help Florida business expand. They provide specialized services like market research, leadership development and business management tools.

Drawbacks of Starting a Business in Orlando Florida

Incorporation in Florida has its drawbacks as well. When considering your decision, look into these disadvantages before taking a step:

Initial and Ongoing Fees

LLCs are more expensive to form than sole trading and partnerships. Consider your business structure wisely. Though Florida follows a low cost start up policy, this does not imply to LLCs.

Owner Does Everything

The cost of labor in Florida is expensive. When you start a business in Florida you are bound to work on our own in the first few months to make sure your business doesn’t fail

Record Keeping

The State of Florida requires you to do book keeping if you are a sole traders. It is important for tax purposes and determining the profitability of your business.


Whether you chose sole trading or forming an LLC in Florida, the State will offer you with incentives to encourage your business plan into practice. The decision is yours to make to live your dream of becoming “your own boss”.