Form LLC in Orlando Florida – How to Form an LLC in Florida

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FreedomSBS -  Form LLC in Orlando Florida How to Form an LLC in Florida
As a provider of professional incorporation services we know that aA Limited Liability Company, or an LLC is a company which is quite similar to a partnership, but has the added advantage that your personal assets are legally protected, as that of a corporation. LLC is not technically a corporation but rather a legal form of a company that offers limited liability to all its owners. This means that sole proprietors or partners of small or medium sized businesses can form LLC in Orland, Florida and thus separate their business and personal properties, belongings and above all liabilities. LLC’s are more flexible than corporations. The procedures for registering your business as an LLC are different in various states. The rules and regulations also vary from state to state. Following is a simple procedure to form LLC in Orlando, Florida:

Form LLC in Florida Step 1 – Articles of Organization

All LLCs need to file Articles of Organization in order to register. These documentations need to be filed at their respective secretary of state’s office. Articles of organization primarily consist of the names of the members LLC along with their contact details. Some states have different requirements and you may need to provide other details. To form LLC in Orlando, Florida, you can ask your lawyer or company filing for you, or you could easily log on to the secretary of state’s official website and get the relevant information from there.

Form LLC in Florida Step 2 – Fees

Filing fees vary from state to state and can cost you ranging from $30 to $200 or even more. This is only the state’s filing fee, you will need to pay the lawyer or company separately. Lawyers can be quite costly and so many small businesses look for online service providers to help them form LLC in Orlando, Florida. Most states don’t charge taxes and annual fees for LLC, however there are some that can charge you annually for an LLC structure. So make sure that you have all the initial as well as yearly costs figured out before deciding on switching your business into a Limited Liability Company.

Form LLC in Florida Step 3 – Operating Agreement

Operating agreements are not a requirement under laws, however it is strongly advised that you draft the agreement for you LLC. This operating agreement should include all necessary details about the business arrangement and should include roles, responsibilities and rights of all the members. Also include the percentage of ownership of each member. Operating agreement protects the structure of your LLC if challenged in court.

Form LLC in Florida Step 4 – What You Need to Do

State laws regarding LLC’s are pretty self explanatory, and so do not necessarily need a lawyer. However, it is advisable that you have a legal representative go through your files and documentations to make sure that everything is in order. This will enable you to ensure that all your rights and interests are protected by law as stated in the LLC documentation as well as the operating agreement.

LLCs offer protection, security and budget cuts to business owners, and more and more businesses are opting for them. You not only get tax deductions but are also not held personally liable for any damages or debts incurred under an LLC, which in itself is a safety net businesses are always on the lookout for.

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