Graphic Design Orlando – Make Your Logo Stand-Out

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A company’s logo is visual representation of itself and is the first means through which your consumers interact with you. To stay in the mind of your consumers, you will have to make sure that you have a captivating logo that helps your customer remember you. Many graphic design Orlando are known for their creative disposition in creating a captivating logo. A great logo, regardless of the nature of business, has the following four characteristics:

Graphic Design Orlando – Simplicity

Make your logo simple and yet attractive. Present your consumers with a simple aesthetic that they will be able to comprehend and recall. Some of the most killer logos are aesthetically simple, for example, the legendary Apple logo and the age old Coca-Cola logo. Your consumers appreciate the simplicity of your logo which leads to favorable positioning of yourself in the mind of consumers.

Graphic Design Orlando – Consistency

A logo communicates to the consumer what they want and how the company can help them satisfy their needs. Your logo should be consistent with your strategy and offering and should be in sync with the overall message you are trying to portray. One way to create a meaningful and creative logo is to list down the main characteristics of the brand you are trying to convey your consumers and building your logo around it. Do not change your logo too often as it can mess with your consumers’ perception and create distortion of their opinions of you.

Graphic Design Orlando – Memorability

Make your logo easy to recall. A memorable logo generates repeat customer and word of mouth for you. Make your logo stand out. A simple logo will make your logo aesthetically appealing. Shroud your logo with a bit of incongruity and you will create a memorable logo for yourself. Research shows that people remember the unexpected a lot more than what they normally see. For example, if apple logo did not have a bite taken from it, you will be less likely to remember it.

Graphic Design Orlando – Remarkability

Design a logo that is able to cut through the clutter and able to reach your consumers. For example, the logo of Starbucks is of the siren which is used to signify the goddess of addiction in Greek mythology. Another example of a simple yet remarkable logo is that of Nike’s swoosh which represents the wing of the Greek Goddess NIKE , known as the goddess of victory and success.

Before you unleash your logo on a full scale, test your market. Some logo or meaning might have a different meaning to certain ethnic group and culture. Conduct a survey of various logo designs on Internet and get feedback. Getting feedback from consumers is a good way to learn how effectively your logo delivers your message to them. Hosting focus group meetings and knowing the views of your consumer is a good idea before you send your logo to be printed on business cards and letterheads.

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