Incorporate in Orlando Florida After You’ve Incorporated

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FreedomSBS - Incorporate in Orlando Florida After You've Incorporated
As leaders in business incorporation services, we know that Incorporating in Orlando, Florida is relatively easy; all you need to do is to consult a company to incorporate in Orlando, Florida online and you are good to go. The real task starts once you have incorporated. Your business becomes a separate entity and hence it is important that it operates as such. Corporations are run very differently from independent businesses; they need to follow specific guidelines and regulations issued by the state law. If you have just incorporated your business then make sure that you have taken care of the following for more optimized operation:

After You Incorporate in Orlando Florida Step 1 – Bank Accounts

The first thing you need to do is to get a separate bank account for your company. You cannot switch your sole proprietor account to corporation so you will need to open a new account altogether. A separate bank account will enable you to keep a better track of your personal as well as business finances.

After You Incorporate in Orlando Florida Step 2 – Get a Merchant Account

Most of the transactions today are conducted online. You can easily open an account as a merchant with a credit services company. This will make it all the more easier for your customers to make payments online.

After You Incorporate in Orlando Florida Step 3 – Employer Identification Number

Incorporation in Orlando, Florida requires you to get an Employer Identification Number(EIN) if you intend to hire employees. An EIN is mandatory, but at the same time it has the added benefits of more credibility with your clients as well as protection of your personal Social Security Number.

After You Incorporate in Orlando Florida Step 4 – Seller’s Permit

You will also need to obtain a seller’s permit if your business sells taxable service. If your business operates in multiple locations then you will need separate seller permits for all those locations.

After You Incorporate in Orlando Florida Step 5 – Corporation Mandatory Dealings

When you incorporate in Orlando, Florida, your business becomes public and thus liable to specific obligations like appointing board of directors, holding annual meetings, electing officer, filing annual reports and issuing stocks. So make sure that you take care of all these dealings in a timely manner to avoid any mishaps or legal problems.

After You Incorporate in Orlando Florida Step 6 – Finances

Finances are a major aspect, as they help you monitor your business growth as well as filing for taxes all the more easier. So make sure that you keep a good track of all your finances and to keep your personal and business finances completely separate. Having a separate credit card for your business will greatly help you in doing just that. So make sure that you too, like Oscar Schindler, invest in a clever accountant to make the most of your business.

After You Incorporate in Orlando Florida Step 7 – Laws

Following are some tips and tricks to keep your corporation on the right side of the law:

• Confirm your corporate status with the secretary of law each year.
• Don’t use personal checks for corporate debts and corporate checks for personal debts. Always keep them completely separate.
• Put annual meetings with directors and shareholders on tickler cards.
• Once you incorporate in Orlando, Florida, don’t use your name followed by “doing business as” or “dba” on a contract and also renegotiate if you have done so previously too.
Following these guidelines in your business practices will help you keep your business on the right side of the law as well as on the right road to progress and growth.

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