Incorporating in Florida Benefits

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Incorporating in Florida Benefits
If you run a business in Florida, then incorporation is one of the best things that you can do for your venture. The process of incorporating in Florida is simple, the fee is relatively inexpensive and it gives your company many advantages. But before you jump ahead and start filling out the form to get your company incorporated, make sure that your business is suitable for it. There are some companies that do not benefit from incorporation and if yours is one of them, then you should be careful about how you progress.

So if you are among the lucky ones who can take advantage of incorporating in Florida, here is a short guide to tell you how you can do it and what ways you will benefit.

Why Incorporate in Florida?

There are many benefits when incorporating in Florida. They are listed below:

  • Florida is considered to be a business-friendly state that gives many tax relaxations and limited corporate requirements.
  • When incorporating in Florida you don’t get into hassles with the legal framework. The director and officer of the incorporation can be the same person, which means that you don’t have to find too many people to do the job.
  • In terms of fees, Florida does not require minimum capital for incorporation. Most other states demand a minimum of $1000 capital to start a business but that is not the case in Florida.
  • When it comes to taxes, Florida has no personal income tax. This is possible under the title of ‘S’ corporations which do not require companies to file state income tax returns. This would save you a lot of dollars and cash in on your profits. You can also save yourself from double taxation if you are listed under S corporation.
  • The great thing about incorporating in Florida is that since it is a limited liability company, your personal assets always remain secure. Your business is a separate entity and you would not have to pay up for any lawsuits from your own pocket. Likewise, the company is not only dependent on you but relies on your amount of shares involved. Transference of shares is also very easy in a corporation.

How to Incorporate in Florida Online

The process of online incorporation is very simple. When you are incorporating in Florida, the one thing you need to be sure of is that your corporation should not have a name similar to any other corporation. This can cause legal issues and should be avoided.

When incorporating, you would also need to choose the type of corporation you want to establish. There are four options; Limited Liability, S corporation, C corporation and DBA. You can select whichever suits you best. Getting incorporated online is the easiest way for you. It is also the fastest. All you would have to do is fill out forms, pay the required amount of fee and get incorporated. It really is just as simple as it sounds.

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