Starting a Business in Orlando – Florida’s Biz Environment

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SBS_NEW_GOOGLE-PROFILEThe Atlantic Ocean borders east of Florida. Being the 4th most populous state out of the 50 states of the US, Florida seems to be full of opportunities for the business environment, and one of the best places to start a business in Orlando, Florida. The state is able to link any business to the outside world, giving it a global access and outreach. This outreach is not offered by any other state in the United States.

Global Access

International trade statistics support the business activity tremendously. Merchandise trade, defined by the addition of imports and exports; saw an increase of 18.2% in 2010. This growth rate was much better than the cumulative growth rate of the United States. Merchandise trade totaled $149.2 billion by 2011.

From an economic perspective, starting a business in Orlando Florida is a very good opportunity for both; start ups, as well as existing business models to increase their sales locally as well as internationally. International trade is able to contribute 18% to Florida’s economic output. Out of every 6 jobs available in the state, 1 is brought in because of international trade. This means that the state has been very successful in putting itself very strongly to the world for its goods and services.

What makes Florida attractive are its figures of export. The state is on its track to double its exports by the end of year 2014. This target is based on 17% increase in exports in 2011. The top five international clients of Florida include;

  1. Brazil
  2. Colombia
  3. China
  4. Venezuela
  5. Switzerland


People who start a business in Orlando Florida often become successful…not only because of the government support but also because now, the world is taking notice of this logistic champion.  Businesses are able to develop because at every 90 miles from a business, there is a deepwater port. There are 14 water ports in Florida in total. Furthermore, there are 19 commercial airports that offer 120 international and domestic routes, nonstop!

Companies willing to work for exports can have access to export channels, and can easily take advantage of Florida’s state of art infrastructure. These channels obviously open avenues for more business activity in the region.  Florida, being the logistical champion, has a very strong travelling infrastructure. Its highways cover 12, 085 miles of the total land space while there are other public roads which cover another 110,000 miles.

The state has been very successful at entrepreneurial and business activity for people who want to start a business in Orlando Florida. Forbes (2012) identified 400 richest Americans. These 400 individuals were all from Florida. Three quarters of these Floridians reside either in the Palm Beach, Miami Dade and Broward. 28 of these 400 people are billionaires.

With such statistics, it is not surprising to note that venture capitalists injected as much as $94.8 million into 11 business ideas in the second quarter last year. The amalgamation of the total venture capitalist activity summed up to $323.3 million in 52 deals. No wonder, the state is thriving economically and has one of the lowest crime rates and highest employment rate. The economic state in Florida always stays in a boom.

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