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Freedom SBS -  Web Design Orlando What Companies Do
Web designing services companies basically design a website and are responsible for its maintenance. There are many things they do with respect to web design that includes things like interface design, search engine optimization, user experience design etc. They also write mark-ups for the website. Here are the things that companies providing web design in Orlando, are responsible for.

Page Layout

Page layout means the arrangement of how a page of a website will look. This includes everything from pixel width to the color scheme that is being used. Aesthetics of the page are kept in consideration so that they might appeal to the viewer. There are two types of design patterns used in the page layout of a website; grid and templates.

A grid is something that is a set of guidelines that are used to align and repeat elements on a page. The company of web design in Orlando may or may not follow the grid guidelines, depending on the requirement of the page. They are flexible, allowing a designer to mold them according to whatever suits the layout of the page.
A template on the other hand is very rigid. It has repeated elements on the page. These are used when it is the content that is more important and which needs to be up-dated more often than the template itself.


Companies of web design in Orlando are responsible in deciding how may typefaces they use in the production of a website. Typefaces are the fonts used to write the content on a web page. Most companies use only a select few that are recognized and well known among viewers to give a sense of familiarity. Typography is decided according to what the website is about and what audience it caters to.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are what make any website even more appealing to the viewer. Companies of web design in Orlando, have to keep in mind the content and field a website is dealing with and then decide whether or not motion graphics should be added. Target audience is also taken into consideration. For example, any website that aims at attracting children would have lots of motion graphics on its web page. Websites that deal with entertainment section opt for motion graphics but websites that have serious content like business, government or other such thing would not have any kind of animation. Of course the owner of the website gets to decide whether or not they want any kind of video or animation on their web page.

Code of Quality

Companies of web design in Orlando, try to maintain standards when developing any website. This is done with the aid of a description specifying element. Some website owners do not want to conform to standards and prefer having something unique. Sticking to standards save the website from any kind of errors or mistakes. Clients who request that standards not be followed have a system that allows user to correct anything they feel might be erroneous.

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